DECEPTIONS…. Chapter 2

I and henry got married after several years of dating and courting…although I had no family to celebrate that joyous day with me. I lost my parents and siblings early in life….jxt for my aunt, aunt Caroline.
I and henry decided to leave child bearing until after two years of marital bliss. Two years came and went and so did many years. Henry was d only son of his parent and d heir to d family’s inheritance. The pressure was much but our love was stronger.
The house became boring as d day went by….jxt I, henry and our very barbaric house maid.
On our 7th year marriage anniversary…. Henry informed me of a contract he was planning to execute outside the country, it took more than a day of continuous pleas for me to accept the change but on the condition that I was gonna travel to stay with my aunt pending the time he came back from his trip.
After 3 months I decided to go back home…although my hubby has been home since 2 months ago.
On reaching my compound, I didn’t like the change of arrangement…. I remained mute, I just packed at the garage….I noticed my in law’s car. Fear overwhelmed me…but I couldn’t place it. They have always been a thorn on my flesh, but that wasn’t s valid reason to fear my in laws I should respect them instead I thought…. I walked inside and found mum and dad on the dinning with a baby tied round mummy’s back.
” mummy, good morning”
“Good morning, let me introduce you to my grand child…” Mum said with obvious mockery. Immediately I got the scenario. I inhaled and exhaled….of course I and my in laws have nothing to discuss…. Henry would have to explain… I turned to head for our bedroom when my eyes met with Henry’s…. His face fell.
By 8:00 the next day, I have gotten full details of the story.
Henry had impregnated Stella…the supposed baby carrier even before he went for that trip, as a matter of fact he went to witness her delivery overseas.It really hurt, but I resolved to stay.


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