DECEPTIONS…chapter 3

Stella wasn’t the troublesome type….she just minded her business. Henry never gave her much attention, he was always beside me and these consoled me a bit. He showered me with so much care and love, on the other hand stella was being pampered by mum and dad.
I went to visit aunty Caroline, I was suppose to sleep over but I changed my mind, judging from the annoying character of aunt Caroline’s children who were all old cargos…jumping from one man to another.
I got back home, as usual the compound was so quiet…I went inside only to find Stella’s baby struggling under the bathroom tap which was pouring out heavily. Initially I wanted to save the child, but there was no reason to do that. That baby was the only link between stella and my husband. I moved closer and increased the velocity of the running water….I took my car keys and drove back to aunt Caroline’s house. Put it in plain English…I DROWNED Stella’s baby.

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