DECEPTIONS… Chapter Nine

Being the only daughter of their parents…. Bethel and Joyce had a huge taste of royalty. Joyce father was a renowned minister and her mother was a citizen of england where she acts as the CEO of her father’s company….on the other hand bethel was just d only child a her mother stella who was into a very lucrative business. Bethel and Joyce were both students of theatre art the same department as steven. Being the daughters of very important personality in the community….it didn’t take long for them to be recognized and respected by almost everyone. Their skin tone, cars, hostel, hairdo and many more.
” I just don’t understand why those girls keep acting like they own this school….? Abi you no tell dem say na our carban be dis” steven said audibly to tosin and Kingsley who were not listening to his conversation.
‘ hahaha….which carban??? Level 100 student…. Who dash u d carban….tosin asked standing up to concentrate on Kingsley’s remarks….
” but on a more serious note…their pride z too much”
‘ let me jxt remind you that our text would be coming up in two months….’ Steven interrupted still concentrating on his opened text book….
‘Toxin but we can make them our friend now, just on normal terms then after a month we just release the cat….Kingsley continued like he didn’t hear what steven said
‘ guy, let’s jxt leave them…look at your car look at their car the difference z clear….those girls smell money…’
‘ And so??? My dad may not be as rich as their parent but he’s still rich”…..(pause)
Stella looked at the mirror which hung with pride….on her well furnished sitting room….a lot has really changed in the last twenty years. ‘ well I have gone this far I can’t and I won’t go back’ loosing my two daughters wasn’t a child’s play someone has to pay….the Henry’s family has to pay with their blood. ‘ BETHEL u need to be strong, greater task awaits’ she said audibly fully aware she was alone.


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