DECEPTIONS…..chapter five

As soon as steven clocked 2. Aunt Caroline called my attention to the need of executing our plans. I got ready for d inevitable.
The next morning she called henry my husband and narrated our formulated story to him stating reason why Beatrice had to leave.
She told him that I discovered that I was pregnant two weeks after I came to stay with her….of course that was a big lie. She went on to tell henry that my reason for travelling overseas was due to the fear of loosing the child as Stella did.
Obviously Henry was so much in love with me….he didn’t ask much questions, intact he was overwhelmed. The next morning my cell fone flooded with calls from my in law’s, friends even Stella. After much begging and promises I accepted to go back to my family. Wow! my aunt z d devil herself, she is so gifted in lies….see how she arrange the lie, I smiled as I said to myself.
It was like a king coronation ceremony on the day I returned home, from the look of things I guess Stella wasn’t able to conceive cause she was looking really old and frustrated….. Yuck!!! Me in this house will be the genesis of Stella’s misery….she wants to over throne me in my husband house when I have an aunt who z a master planner….funny.
I and Henry were like newly weds, we played and dined. After 3 weeks I started acting funny, I was a nurse I didn’t need much signs to know I was pregnant. Then it dawn on me that I was preparing the tables for a future battle. As expected, I put a call across aunt Caroline. I told her about the situations…judging from the fact that there would be war in the future. Who would inherit the property steven my adopted son or my biological son??? I asked aunt Caroline on fone.
” you worry too much sister, you know what to do” she said
” aunty, I don’t know ooo..”.I replied almost in tears.
” simple, u killed before…. U can KILL again” she said.

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