DECEPTIONS…. Chapter Eight

Steven and Kingsley grew up to be two opposite people. Steven was calculative, gentle, calm and very charming. On the other hand Kingsley was the party guy, rough and had little or no interest for the family business…. He loved to be independent and hates to be called mama’s boy although he was the top in his field( arts), he was charming too and had his fair share of attention from the girls around……..
Steven had delayed admission…. So he and Kingsley were simply level 100 students in the higher institution. Steven plans on taking over the family’s business as soon as he graduates from the university much to the detriment of Beatrice who sees steven as a stranger….however Kingsley aims at becoming a renowned entertainer and owning a business of his own that has no connection with the family’s inheritance.
The higher institution was a whole new beginning for both steven and Kingsley….although not entirely free from Beatrice control but to some extent are able to make certain decisions for themselves.
Bethel and Joyce had been inseparable right from elementary school overseas before their parents decided to bring them home for studies to inculcate the African culture into their system. Bethel mother happens to be STELLA….the long lost woman.
Dear readers you may be wondering….’ I thought bethel died of pneumonia’. There more mysteries to be unravelled in this suspense filled….check out for episode 8 to find out the beginning of the end….THE DARKEST HOUR IS JUST BEFORE THE DAWN…

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